Home Pediatric PT 
New Jersey
Chance To Advance, LLC is a home pediatric physical therapy company located in Marlboro, NJ, serving most of Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties, NJ. Our specialties are physical therapy evaluation and treatment of children and adolescents. We are very passionate about working with kids, thus providing them with exceptional care. We accept most Insurances as well as 
Paypal and other forms of payment.

Seek help if your child
has difficulty with:
  • learning to crawl or walk 
  • sitting or standing without support
  • walking up and down stairs 
  • walking and running without tripping or falling
  • learning to play sports
  • catching or throwing ball
  • playing actively without getting tired fast
  • catching or protecting him/herself during falls

Early Diagnostics

From the very beginning of life throughout the early years, children should, in a timely manner, reach developmental milestones in playing, learning, speaking, behaving, and moving. Every child develops differently but the pattern of normal development still exists. It is crucial to recognize the problem as early as possible